This blog follows a proven matched betting strategy, that utilises free online bets to generate risk free profits.

All you need to get started with matched betting is a:-

-Betting exchange account

-Online bookmaker account

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We follow a simple strategy, we only bet with free bets that have a minimum value of £50, using this strategy will help increase potential dividends rather than just applying matched betting to all free bets on offer.

Current free bet offers that qualify

These bookies all have £50 free matched bet offers on first deposits.


Victor chandler


Saturday, 22 August 2009

First matched bet willhill £50 freebet

Ok time to get cracking and crunch our way throught some of these free bets and make some risk free profits.

Today we're going to start with william hill, who are currently offering a free £50 matched bet on our first desposit.

The process
After we have opened our accounts and deposited money etc we proceed to odds checker.com, here we take a look at the premiership matches on today and find a close match where the odds of the bookmaker are as close as possible to the betting exchange odds, their are no minuim odds with this bookmaker so are qualifying bet can be made with low odds.

we have found a perfect match with the Arsenal match win odds at 1.2 both at the boomakers and lay odds at the betting exchange, below are the details of the bet we made

For the free bet stake we also found a perfect match for the manutd/ Arsenal game details of the bets we made are also below.

Qualifying Bet
Bet type: Qualifying bet- £50
Event:Arsenal v Portsmouth: Saturday 22th August

Bet: Arsenal to win
Odds: Bookmaker odds: 1.2 | Betting exchange lay odds: 1.2

Profit /loss: £-0.85

Screenshot from matched betting calculator

Free Bet

Bet type:Free bet- £50
Event:Manutd v Arsenal: Saturday 29th August
Bet:Arsenal to win
Odds:Bookmaker odds: 3.6 | Betting exchange lay odds: 3.6

Profit /loss: £34.79

Screenshot from matched betting calculator

Profit from this matched bet: £33.94

overall profit so far: £33.94

This blog follows a matched betting guide at onthesmartmoney.com

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Matched betting 2009/10

As the new footie season gets underway their are gonna be plenty of matched betting oppertunties, we have have refined our matched betting selection process to only include free bets of £50 and over. By introducing such a tactic we hope to maximise profits and compound profits over a relativley long term period.

Free bets fluctuate throughout the year and we hope to capitilise on large free bets as and when they arise, this revised method is one that needs patience, however if you stick to it the potential for signifcant profits make it well worthwhile.

We will be kicking off next weekend with this new strategy, currently there our three bookmakers that qualify as 'good opportunties' under the new system.